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    Sports Betting.

    Our token is used as a form of payment on sportsbooks and casinos.

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  • Uniswap pool is live now.


The rebranded

SBX Sports Betting Marketplace

SBX - Sport betting platform is a sports betting oriented platform created by SBX team.

The SBX token will used as a form of payment method in various crypto betting and casino sites.

Users Wagering with SBX coin will receive a 10% cashback on all their losses lifetime. Bankrolls will be supplied to sports books and casinos to ensure the 10% cashback is available to all SBX users.

SBX team will develop a sports betting marketplace where users can sell their sports picks to one another in a fully decentralized manner. The marketplace will go live in Q4 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions

SBX can be purchased in our private sale and public sale. Upon completion of sale you can buy directly on uniswap. After the pre-sale ends you can purchase on Uniswap.

Total supply of SBX is 200 million.

The circulating supply will be determined after sale and launch.

1 ETH = 137,349.


1 round until 415 ETH hard cap is reached.

Earn 10% cashback on all losses lifetime.

30% of raised funds will be added as Initial liquidity.

Yes, Liquidity will be locked so SBX coins can be traded swiftly for years to come.

We already have 1 established partner, and they will will be listing SBX right after the Uniswap Pool is live. More details to be shared.

Earn 10% cashback on all losses. Staking dapp, earn rewards, use in marketplace to buy or sell services.

Yes, staking dapp is already developed and will be ready at launch.

Due to regulations in our country, and the scope of the project is gambling.

Development for marketplace has already commenced, we want to launch it asap as we have many punters lined up to sell picks.


Eventually that's the goal. With enough capital we can build our own sports betting empire. Our main driver right now is listing our token across already established platforms.

Fixed price, Until sold out.

SBX Roadmap

Q2 2020

SBX Marketplace Concept Initialization
  • - Analyze current crypto sports betting market.
  • - Understand target audience.
  • - Team building.
  • - Concept Building.
  • - Understanding Use case and sports betting marketplace.

Q3 2020 Part 1

Market Research Understanding Pros and Cons
  • Uniswap market research, strategeic launchpad -
  • Conduct opinion surveys on project scope -
  • Brainstorming ideas, collective feedback -
  • Website development, domain and hosting registration -
  • Consult with professional traders on Uniswap Launchpad -
  • Establish partnership with sportsbook (TBD) during presale -
  • Create Discord, Telegram and Twitter -
  • Grow community, Invite and bounty contests paid in ETH/BTC -

Q3 2020 Part 2

Market Research Understanding Pros and Cons
  • - Explain advantages to investors, communicate and assist.
  • - Publish roadmap and whitepaper, publish press release articles on major sites.
  • - Distribution of Pre-sale tokens and Uniswap launch.
  • - Apply to ranking sites, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Worldcoin index.
  • - Apply to Tier 1 and Tier 2 exchanges. MXC, Probit, Idex, Crex24, Southxchange, Graviex.
  • - List on reputable sports betting platform, users can start using currency to bet on sports.
  • - Introduction to sports betting marketplace.
  • - Team building, marketing campaigns to spread awareness.

Q4 2020 Part 1

Sports betting and marketplace development.
  • Create database, integrate payment plugins, integrate ecommerce assets -
  • Develop front end UI/UX features easy to use interface -
  • Testing marketplace with professional sports consultants -
  • Invite testers to audit platform, present demos to community -
  • Team building, spreading awareness, publish articles conduct bounty programs -
  • Establish partnership with sportsbook (TBD) during presale -
  • Grow social media accounts and followers to anticipate marketplace launch -
  • Release Beta version of marketplace -

Q4 2020 Part 2

Sports betting and marketplace development.
  • - Continue with testing, auditing and implement fixes
  • - Release final version of marketplace.
  • - Continue to seek new sports betting sites and casinos to integrate SBX.
  • - Apply to ranking sites, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Worldcoin index.
  • - Establish partnerships with reputable crypto currency projects
  • - Create a Vyper.io contest to raise awareness.

Q1 2021

Next Level Developments & future roadmap.
  • Apply on additional exchanges for SBX -
  • Establish listing with more reputable betting and casinos -
  • Addition of trading cards on marketplace -
  • Develop gaming dapps with dividends paid in SBX -
  • Understand dapp contracts, consult with programmers on dapp creation -
  • Release extended roadmap -
  • Continue marketing campaigns and team building goals -



Sports Betting Marketplace

Total supply: 200M Swap allocation: 50M (1:5)
Private seed sale: 25M
Initial Launch Sale: 50M
Staking Dapp: 30M
Team & Marketing: 30M (locked) 100K released weekly.
AceDBets.io Bankroll: 15M

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